A Word from the Secretary

Dear Fellow Residents of Prague 2,

tajemnik_m.jpgSome time ago in this place, I wrote a few thoughts about the changes planned at the Prague 2 Borough Authority.  For example, the new website, which you can now see.  In bringing it about, we were driven by an attempt to simplify and make more accessible the mutual communication of the Authority and residents, to make it easier to navigate, and to freshen up the borough’s website, which had started to show clear signs of ageing.

The new website is one of the many things that are moving our borough as a whole a step forward.  On the other hand, I realise, and you will certainly agree, that even the best graphics and the most perfect software system cannot guarantee the satisfaction of residents if it is not at the same time filled with the effort and work of those who use it for the benefit of inhabitants.

Changes, both the visible ones on the Internet, as well as the less obvious ones, primarily in terms of organisation and our approach to work, were then made evident in our obtaining of an ISO certificate.  The Borough Authority of Prague 2 joined the club of institutions with this mark of the highest quality this March.  At the beginning of the year, it underwent a demanding audit by an internationally acknowledged certification agency, SGS, which at the end of the audit confirmed that the Authority’s standards comply with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The Authority is the first in Prague to obtain a certificate from a company from among the “Big Five” active worldwide.

In other words, we strove to find and set up rules for our relationship with our residents, based on clearly set rules and standards.  It is not only about a friendly approach, smiles, and the helpfulness of each employee of our borough.  Those are things that can be embodied in some kind of internal guidelines, but are not easy to monitor.  At least from the measurable, official side.  What matters is that clear and precise rules have been set for the work of the Authority’s employees, according to which it is relatively easy to determine whether the Authority is helpful, open, and transparent, rather than impenetrable and mysterious, like a Carpathian castle.

I therefore wish for our authority to be one that accommodates people, an institution that is truly professional, both in form and content.

Ing. Michal Kopecký
Secretary of Prague 2 Borough Authority